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13.8.23 - Matildas vs. France -  Australian fans at Federation Square erupt into pure elation as the Maltida's skim narrowly into the Women’s World Cup semi-final by a nail-biting 7-6 penalty win against France.

This marks the first time in history that any Australian team has made it into the semi-finals for a football World Cup. A huge victory for Australia, as well as for women’s sports! 




16.8.23 - Matildas vs. England-  Fierce emotions run high as the Matildas struggle to defeat England at the Women’s World Cup Semi-Final. The crowd at Federation Square erupt into sheer anarchy as the Matilda’s score their first, and only goal, eventually losing to England by 3-1.

The younger fans shared their unified disdain for the opposing team, as well as their own. Lashing out with harsh words, passionate rage, and crippling disappointment.

A bittersweet end to one of Australia’s most invested sporting moments.

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