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‘Compounds’ is an experimental series of portraits that aims to explore how our subconsciousness finds familiarity with the irregular. 


Within our DNA and genetic structure, humans possess definable attributes that help establish our species, as well as create a fundamental understanding of our physical identity. When a genetic mutation occurs, it is only then that we can separate one person from another, and thus construct mental recognitions of individualised identities.


Even with the near-endless assortment of biological combinations that help create our physical identity, we regularly find ourselves noticing similarities between the faces we know and the faces we don’t. Noticeable commonalities stimulate our curiosity, which propels our minds to align temporal memories to make sense of a face unknown to them. 


With this in mind, i want to explore how the uncanny presentation of the human face, can be associated with memories of an existing individual. This involves an extractive process of collecting, assimilating, and blending isolated features from multiple individuals, into a fictitious hybridised identity.


The aim is to design various sets of artificial profiles, where the discomfort observer can acknowledge its abnormality, while still being able to identity its aspects with individuals they already know

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