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Contradictions between our eyes and our memory are at their most tenacious when it comes to human faces. Every day, faces dominate our senses, whether it's in the real physical world, or through a technological screen. Our objective reality composes faces that are understandable, transparent and unanimous. Once that face is removed from our present objectivity, the mind and therefore our subjective memory try to piece together all the tangible attributes existing through the fabric of reality. 

'Day Dream I.D' is a project that explores the memory-based reconstruction of faces within our subjective consciousness. The assortment of features within faces are all examined within these portraits e.g.; the shape of the head, hair, eyes, noses, mouths, accessories etc. Truth, however, can not be fully realised due to the distorted nature of capture, and therefore of our own consciousness. Our thoughts can imagine how someone might have looked to an extremely close recreation, but no one can ever truly be exact in authenticity when faced with what we objectively witness. 

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