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On the 6th day of the Chanukah Jewish holiday, young members of the ‘Melbourne Mivtzoim Jewish Outreach Network’ traverse around Spencer Street, where they are seen promoting, celebrating, and sharing their festive tradition with the public.

During Chanukah, the Jewish community commemorate the historical rekindling of the desecrated Menorah, and second temple in the Holy Land of Jerusalem.

The Menorah, which holds eight candles, are lit individually for eight consecutive days, beginning on the 25th day of Kislev. A single candle is lit each night, symbolising the Jewish communities freedom over oppression, and light over darkness.

As part of the tradition, the group of lively boys go about interacting with Jewish members of the public, offering them with cultural gifts including Jam Donuts, and Tefflin.

Tefflin are objects representing the Torah’s fundamental faiths. They include two leather boxes containing Hebrew parchment scrolls, and a binding strap. The boys are seen donning Tefflin to multiple Jewish individuals, where one box is placed on their bicep so to rest against the heart, symbolising emotion, and one placed is on their head, representing the minds dedication to God. A strap is then wrapped around their left arm seven times, binding the mind and emotion to God. The boys then recite a blessing, reading from the Shema prayer.

As well interacting with the public, the boys also dance the Horah at Southern Cross Stations, and travel up and down the street in their Mitzvah van. The boys are seen bolstering through the windows of the travelling vehicle. Inside the van, the boys participate in Haisdic dances as festive music plays through the speakers.

Once 7:30 rolls around, the group rendezvous, and head back to their home in St Kilda where they will light the next Menorah candle.

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