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Thousands of Pro-Palestinian’s march through the Melbourne CBD in response to the ongoing war in Gaza.

15.10. 23 | 12. 11. 23 

Pro- Palestinians gather in Port Melbourne in an attempt to blockade the Israeli ZIM shipping line.

With the increasing atrocities committed along the Gaza strip, The Palestinian General Federation of Trade Unions (PGFTU) and a large coalition of all major Palestinian workers unions have called to boycott Israel businesses, in an international effort called #BlockTheBoat.

Protesters are seen blocking a Zim Shipping Truck, as well as the only access road to the docks, causing a 2km standstill from other incoming trucks.

Truckers, and civilians on the other side of the blockade wait for the protesters to vacate due to the road being their only exit out of the port.

Many Protesters however, stay vigilante in their blockade, while others soon plead to each other that they comply with police, as to prevent potential physical conflict.

To maintain safety among everyone, Police do not use force as means to vacate the protesters. As a result, protesters continue to station along the road, eventually staying overnight.


Dramatic scenes of political polarisation engulfed Parliament, as Pro - Palestinians attempted to counter the ‘Stop the Hate, Mate’ Rally, run by the organised by ‘Never Again is Now’ (NAIN). Hundreds of police officers blocked access to Parliament steps , in an effort to prevent the two opposing groups from clashing.

While the blockade successfully separated each group, there were regular outbursts of violence and temperments, as many ‘Stop the Hate’ protesters made their way into Parliament through the Pro-Palestinian channels. This lead to bursts of aggressive manouevers from both the counter protesters as well as from police attempting to diffuse the high tensions.

Eventually a large group of Pro - Palestines from the state library joined the counters, further growing their group numbers. There were no further acts of aggression post arrival.


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