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With the integration of AI tools ever increasing, concerns around programmed surveillance theorise a foreseeable reality where truths within ordinary life will become readily available to the general public. 


With access sites such as Street View regularly curating, censoring and deleting any illegal or disturbing societal actions, factual realities are therefore skewered into a sterile digital world where conformity presents everything as guarded, and inactive. 


With the laws of nature working based on chance, moments of grief, violence, and misfortune is a plausible possibility, even in the most generic of places. Corporation surveillant censorship further mystifies the idea that our lives will never incur moments of pain in the public space when this is a blatantly false assertion.


AI technology is, however, fundamentally unbiased. Unless specifically programmed by its maker, the design of the machine's perception holds no concern in protecting or shielding our voyeuristic eyes from the horrors of ordinary life. 


As such, if a plausible future exists where surveillant vehicles are exclusively self automated, there is the feasible assumption that they may be able to capture the truest form of reality, where judgment, reflection, and morality is non existent. They simply continue to follow their designed programming.

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